Season 9 summary

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Season 9 summary

Postby manager » Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:22 pm

Last season was the one with big changes. Most important one was the start of new racing series: Formula F1600.

We expected intresting things to happen, because some of best players moved from Karting to Formula F1600, leaving space to other, younger players. After many seasons of Víctor Diéguez's domination, karting championship crown went from Spain to Italy - to Andrea Piatanesi. Well done!
But before summing up what happened in Karting, let's focus on F1600. 11 drivers scored points, but the one who dominated the season was Eric Martinez. To see his history, click and then open "History" tab. You can see that Eric was for 6 straight seasons in top 10 in Karting World Championship. He was 22 times on podium and won few races, but his talent blew up in F1600. 14 podiums and 8 wins and a total of 337 points made him undisputed intenational F1600 champion. 2nd place for Andrea Spaccapistoni and 3rd for "The Stig". Each of them won for 3 times. But it's just a warm up, as it is national level. F1600 world championship is available for players with average skills equal or more than 250.

In Karting, there were 2 parallel World Championships. In World 1 Championship Andrea Piatanesi won even though he didn't drive in last 4 races. Pedro Sprint was second with Oscar Pesavento in 3rd place, thanks to double win in last event.
In World 2 Championship, Donald Hamilton scored a record of 353 points in world-level, beating Tomek Sliwa and Carlos Cesar.
On continental level, Francesco Pipoli won Intercontinental A1 league, Rafal Po... won A2 league and Scigant 21 won league A3.

And season 9 awards goes to...
Star of the season: Eric Martinez, who won first F1600 season and beat his main rival, Victor.
Positive surprise: Donald Hamilton for domination in Karting World 2 Championship.
Negative surprise: None :D
Karting World Championship rookie of the season: Lukasz H - best performance from all rookies: 10th in World 1 Championship with 90 points.
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Re: Season 9 summary

Postby walem » Thu Aug 29, 2019 10:39 pm

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