Skills training

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Skills training

Postby manager » Wed Jul 18, 2012 1:12 pm

If we won't face any unexpected problems, this desired feature will be available for you next week!
I want to share with you how it will work.

First of all there will be 3 types of trainings: Gym trainings, Driving Skills Trainings and SPA Resort.
Gym and Driving Skills trainigs will improve your attributes but they will decrease energy. If you choose SPA Resort, you will recover part (or all) of lost energy.

Normal trainings (other than SPA Resort) will increase 3-4 skills, but will slightly decrease 1 or 2 skill and depending on a training you choose, it will decrease energy more or less.

After selecting a training, you will have to choose 2 additional options: "Inensity" (Low, mid, high) and "Number od days to train" (from 1 to 7). Best results you will have from high intensity for 7 days, but this kind of training will have a strong impact on your energy. After such training you won't be able to drive with high concentration and risk, which will affect your lap times until you have your energy back to high values.
But after exhausting training you can have 1 or few days of recovery in SPA Resort, so it's up to you what will be the best choise at time of taking the decision.

While training is in progress, you will be able to change its intensity every day. But you should avoid aborting training before it finishes as you planned, because you will get only half of trained skills points instead of 100% (which you will get when training ends after planned number of days)

I hope this kind of training options will give you different possibilities to choose depending on your current needs.

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