Season 7 summary

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Season 7 summary

Postby manager » Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:16 am

We have game news in office again so we can go back to season summaries!
First let's go back in time and see what has happened in season 7.
One interesting thing was Victor's approach to have hattricks in all races (Pole Position + Fastest Lap + Race Win). It all looked promising until race 13, when he was beaten in qualifying by 0.149 and in thrilling race 1 by only half a second by his mate Eric Martinez after few last lap driven wheel by wheel. Race 14 was Victor's again by comfortable margin over 5 seconds. So 12 straight wins in karting world championship is a record to beat! Counting 4 wins from last 4 races of season 6 makes it 16 straight wins! Congratulations!
Second place went to Andrea Piatanesi who made a 1 place progress compared to 3rd place in season 6. Last spot on podium went to Eric Martinez who improved by 3 places compared to previous season.

In Continental Championships, in A1 group, Oscar Pesavento won his league after nice battle with Pawel Mrozicki, mostly because of 90 points scored in last 4 races (2 wins and 2 second places)
Tomek Sliwa RW became Intercontinental A2 champion with 14 wins and in A3: Dw0001 was unbeaten.

season 7 awards:

Star of the season: Victor Dieguez, yet again! 13 wins!!
Positive surprise: Eric Martinez, because he was the only guy that won with Victor this season!
Negative surprise: Damian Baran, after 2nd place in season 6 and good first 2 races in season 7, he started to perform really bad and he quit 4 races before season end.
World Championship rookie of the season: Alberto Lopez - only rookie that remained in World Championship taking 15th place and for taking revenge on Darek Lip who beat him in Continental Championship in season 6.

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