someting strange

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someting strange

Postby andreacentofanini » Thu May 16, 2013 3:09 pm

1) i've set 7 days hard training. that's the third time that it stops after only three days.
yesterday, i've set once more 7 days, hard.

2)last season i was in kart championship and still was the same problem with rear % [ 0-50-100 were always fine]
now i switch to 1.600
is it normal that i've a very very poor feedback, with only three options?
anyway...dampers are always fine
No feedback of camber and Hight..
i think it's poor, too much Random on it.

and a question.
why don't you let us Choose the kind of veichle or engine or tyres..even more small options to improve our game?
i mean, differetn kind of engines. maybe one with a lille more HPs but more weight on it. one maybe less powered but more light one V6 with more accelleration .this maybe here

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