An interview with Gianluca Commissari–one of our top players

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An interview with Gianluca Commissari–one of our top players

Postby klaudyna » Mon Jul 09, 2012 11:37 am

1. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on getting 2nd place. Did you find it difficult to get onto the podium? Are there any secrets of your success?

The most difficult part was to maintain the position overall because I started well with
a victory and a lot of podiums but after those races I had some bad results and I couldn’t beat Marco, who was a really really great rival so congratulation to him.

2. What type of motorsport games do you like the most and why?

I prefer the online management games but in real life karting is one of the most important things to me.

3. How did you first get started playing racing games in particular or other games in general ?

On the Playstation F1 1998, so many hours spent on that game.

4. What did you like the most in RacingLife?

It’s different from the other online racing games, it’s much more realistic and it’s very enjoyable changing the parameters of the car to do the fastest lap. I can’t wait for the race mode!

5. Who do you think your toughest opponent will be this season?

Without a doubt Marco Maia.

6. Do you play any other online or live games now?

More online but when I have the spare time I like to take my kart out to burn some gasoline.

7. If there was any one piece of advice you could pass on to another player who wants to improve their lap times, what would it be?

Use your brain to do the set up and be patient.

8. Do you see any parallels between the skills needed in RacingLife and that of a real life racing drivers?

A real race car driver has got an advantage because they know how to set up a car depending on the track conditions.

9. What is more important to you in life than winning?

Winning is very important to me, you know, reaching the limits, feeling the adrenaline, but I think It’s more important to have someone by your side that can help you through the bad moments.

10. What would you spend your last dollar/euro on?

gasoline ;)

11. If you were having a party and could invite two people from the world of motorsport, past or present. Who would you invite and why?

Kimi Raikkonen for the vodka and Tazio Nuvolari (because he is my favourite driver).

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