Season 6 summary

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Season 6 summary

Postby manager » Sat Dec 22, 2012 2:15 am

Season 6 is over and this time there was no big surprises. 2 main favorites fought for the win, but the crown was successfully defended and it stayed on Victor's head for the third time and for the second time in a row. Damian Baran had to accept Victor's supremacy and he ended up on 2nd place, which is his best finish in "races" era (after 2 time-trial seasons that Damian won).
But apart from this, there were few interesting moments. First of all, second in "number of wins" ranking, Qinqin Rilt retired after good start of the season and disapointing results in following races. We hope to see him back soon!
Second interesting thing is that Italian guys are becoming stronger and stronger. 3rd and 4th for Andrea Piatanesi and Giacomo Lonf showed that they will fight for the crown in season 7.
And yet again, winner of the first 2 races of the season (Damian Baran) didn't win the championship! Will Victor end this curse? Will see in 3 weeks!

Anyway, here are the season 6 awards:

Star of the season: Victor Dieguez, again! For the first time RL champion defended the title! Well done.
Positive surprise: Andrea Piatanesi for constant improvement
Negative surprise: Qinqin rilt - for giving up title battle
Top League rookie of the season: Andrea Spaccapistoni - Very nice performance during whole season

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