Season 10 summary

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Season 10 summary

Postby manager » Mon May 06, 2013 6:33 pm

Season 10 is over.

In Formula F1600 there were 2 active lagues: Intercontinental and International. In Intercontinental championship Tomek Sliwa was fighting only with me (as there were no virtual opponents this season) and didn't let me think about winning the championship. He won 14 out of 16 races and became first ever intercontinental FF1600 champion. Congratz!
In international championship Victor Dieguez won 11 races and been 14 times on podium to claim his first FF1600 overall victory. What's more, he scored 353 points which is his best ever result in FIA scoring system (25 points for a win). Andrea Piatanesi came second with Eric Martinez on 3rd place.

In Junior Karts there were 2 parallel world leagues: In World 1 championship, DW001 won ahead of Pedro Sprint and Oscar Pesavento. DW001 claimed his first ever world championship title with 7 wins and 12 podiums! For the second time in a row Pedro finished 2nd (5 wins and 14 podiums) losing just 4 points to the winner. In World 2 championship, Carlos Cesar won all races and became first ever driver to achieve it on World level!

On Continental level we had following league winners:
- Intercontinental 1: Luis Enrique Vasquez Gutiérrez (12 wins)
- Intercontinental 2: Roman Barzyk (6 wins)
- Intercontinental 3: L Lechu (7 wins)

And season 10 awards goes to...
Star of the season: Victor Dieguez. This couldn't be different choice. Huge advantage in F1600.
Positive FF1600 surprise: Andrea Piatanesi for fighting with Victor and beating season 9 champion - Eric Martinez
Positive Karting surprise: DW001 for his first World Champ Title
Negative surprise: Me for letting Tomek Sliwa to win the championship so easy :)
Karting World Championship rookie of the season: Francesco Pipoli for 6th place in World 1 Championship
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